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As a store space planner, my main focus is on the circulation and incorporation of the design into the space, ensuring a positive and unique brand experience. Consideration is taken for equalizing the value of the entire space, egress, human behavior, human space, ease of navigation, self guiding department adjacencies, site lines, fixture selection, fixture landscaping, types of merchandise presentations, and operational concerns. The challenge is to accomplish this while meeting the required department capacities.

In many companies, space planning is the responsibility of the store designer. In my experience, a collaborative effort more effectively accomplishes the final product: the space planner concentrates on the layout, incorporating the design, while the designer is free to concentrate on the 3-D aspects of the design concept, resulting in a more timely and positive outcome. This also allows the team members to concentrate on their area of expertise. Many of the companies I have an association with include the store planner position as one of their multi-discipline approaches, or are thinking of incorporating this position to their staff in an effort to decrease the overall timeline of concept development while increasing equality of the work.

As an office space planner, I look at many of the same things I do as a retail space planner, there are many similarities when dealing with human behaviors.

Jim on site 1  

As a documentation specialist, it is my job to ensure all the elements in a design concept are accurately communicated so that the average team member can understand how the concept translates to a particular environment and so that an Architect can use the information to obtain all required permits and produce construction documents without many redraws. A fair amount of time is required to ensure all details are captured. If this is not done properly and communicated well, the end result may not have achieved its goal and more time would be required to finalize construction documents.

As an experienced, focused team member, utilizing my skillset and expertise, I can assist you in developing a concept or integrate established concepts to various sites. I also have the ability to perform field surveys for retail sites or office sites.

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